Have an exciting fall by participating in these activities!


By Gabby Brancato

  • Hayride – take a hayride this fall to absorb the scenery and the weather while sipping on hot apple cider.
  •    hay
  • Corn maze – This seems to be pretty popular.  There is like getting lost for an afternoon.
  • Pumpkin patch – This one is a fall classic.  You can spend a day choosing the one that’s right for you, and then bring it home to carve or decorate it or eat it if that’s something you do.
  • PumpkinsNN
  • Decorating/carving pumpkins – When you get home from the pumpkin patch, you can take that pumpkin and carve it into something scary to display to trick-or-treaters.
  • Making pumpkin flavored anything – fall is the one season where it is acceptable to make pumpkin cookies, pies, and cakes all at the same time.
  • PumpkinNN
  • Bonfire – What better way to enjoy the outdoors during the fall?  You get the chance to be outside, stay warm, and spend some time with friends.
  • logs
  • Haunted houses – There are some bigger ones here in KC, and could get costly.  Of course, you could always hit up some haunted houses at Worlds of Fun.  I hear they’re pretty cool.
  • Football game – When you think of fall, you think of football.  What better way to spend a Friday night then watching the Northmen play a game of football and spending time with friends. Or a Sunday afternoon watching the Chiefs be awesome.