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Events Celebrate Seniors

Events Celebrate Seniors

Kayelyn Logan, photo editor

April 29, 2019

Kohn’s Notes: Thank you OP

Harry Kohn, Axe staffer

May 10, 2016

Now realizing that I am about to graduate is crazy, these four years have gone so fast and knowing now that it's going to be over is ballistic. I’m to finally be graduating after 13 years of schooling and four of those...

Early graduation may not be for everyone, but it’s an option for some

Chloe Maddox, Cambia staffer

December 18, 2015

Early graduation or career internship? What and what? What is that and how do I do it? Well lucky for you, head counselor Kathleen Mahan shared what and how. Early graduation does not meet everyone’s needs and not everyone...