Kohn’s Notes: Thank you OP

Now realizing that I am about to graduate is crazy, these four years have gone so fast and knowing now that it’s going to be over is ballistic.

I’m to finally be graduating after 13 years of schooling and four of those years being in high school I’m ready to graduate and move on to another chapter In my life, like college.

Being an Oak Park student shaped me to be a responsible person in this world made me a better person. I’m happy to finally be graduating. Since coming to Oak Park my sophomore year, it’s been a crazy ride, wrestling for three years playing track and football for one year, has been the best times.

Being in broadcast and journalism for three years has also given me more experience in the field I would like to tackle in college. I’ve loved all my experiences in Oak Park and I’m ready to move on.

I love and will miss oak park and I’m thankful for being one of the graduates from this school. I’ll miss my teachers because they’ve truly shaped me into the person I am today by giving me advice and letting me know everything will be okay at times. I will miss my friends especially, after all the good times we had and all the sports we’ve done together it will be hard saying goodbye.

This year was hand down my best year and will hopefully continue when I go to college. THANK YOU OP!!!