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Sweet tooth. Cookies made in a class taught by Carly at “Cookies by Carly”. During a Valentines Day workshop, participants learned the basics of cookie decorating on these 3 cookies. “ These cookies are amazing” said Byrum

AR Workshop review

January 29, 2020

Going Straight to Work, Not College

Emily Byrum, Photo Editor

December 11, 2019

Everyone that knows me, knows I want to be an early education teacher. I have had a passion for teaching since I was little. Many people think I am crazy, or dumb for wanting to be a preschool teacher, including my sister. Sh...

Living with bad knees

Emily Byrum, Photo Editor

September 28, 2019

It all started last year. In October I had a minor knee surgery just to find out I would need a more invasive one later on, we just didn’t know how much later. I was put on the transplant list for an Osteochondral Allograft...