How is the new Community Service Requirement going?

Making time to do things with all of our busy schedules can be very challenging. This is common ground with lots of tasks students don’t necessarily want to do.


graphic by Emily Byrum

Time is very precious so making time for everything in our lives is challenging.


This is the first graduating class having to fulfill a requirement of 20 hours of community service before graduating. Students diplomas can be held if they do not fulfill the requirement according to head counselor Kathie Mahan.


Many people have different opinions on if they should have to do community service or not and what not. There are many ways to get your hours in within your four years of high school.


“One year we had students at a variety of different places during testing days for upperclassmen,” said Mahan.


Another way you can get community service hours is with different classes you take. If you take Child Development I and then Child Development II you have the chance to get community service or A+ hours in your second semester of Child Development II.


“ Yeah, I got to work with Mrs. [family and consumer science teacher Denise] Winslow before if became two different classes, and I liked working with the little kids, they were fun,” said senior Melinda Meng.