Northmen News

Seniors take “last chance” ACT

Sammi Johnson, Journalism 1 reporter

December 4, 2018

One of the final ACTs for seniors comes up Saturday, Dec. 8. Many colleges accept the December ACT as the last one to apply for their scholarships. So, seniors panic to prepare for this last chance to improve their score. According...

Students walk out for rights

Kallista Ashton, Journalism 1 reporter

November 21, 2018

On Tuesday, Nov. 20, around 50 students walked out of their AR class to protest Trump’s proposed plans to erase trans people from existence. “I feel like it’s generally protesting Trump and it is showing that the LGBT...

OPHS Robotics Team Gears up

OPHS Robotics Team Gears up

November 16, 2018

Marketing sports a new face and goals

Mary Anello, Journalism 1 reporter

October 30, 2018

New teacher. New classroom. New website. Sports marketing has a new face this year in several key areas. Teacher Eric Whited, previously a biology teacher, advises this class. He also teaches business law, marketing principals...

Losing Focus

Lindsey Dunaway, Writer

May 21, 2018

As the school year comes to an end, many students check out and stop focusing on their academics. Students tend to use their school day as a time to socialize instead of focusing on preparing themselves for the next year. “I...

How Students Prepare for Finals and Exams

Maryrosaleen Fenlon, Journalism 1 reporter

May 9, 2018

  It’s the end of the school year at Oak Park, and things are wrapping up, and that’s including academics. Students are stressing about exams and finals and rushing to improve grades at the last minute, studying, an...

Teachers look back

Teachers look back

Lindsey Dunaway and Jessica Begley, Journalism 1 reporter and Log photographer

May 4, 2018

The One Acts steal the show

The One Acts steal the show

Peyton Richmond, Journalism 1 reporter

April 4, 2018

Big Bites

Jessica Begley

March 16, 2018

Oak Park’s ProStart culinary team participated in a competition called “Missouri ProStart invitational” in Springfield, Missouri at the Ramada Oasis Hotel and Convention Center February 15-16th. This was many of the com...

NEW 3D AP Studio Art Class

Jessica Begley

October 13, 2017

Last spring Oak Park 3D artists received good news, that they could demonstrate their 3D art skills in an AP class. 3D AP Art began its first class this year. “The only prerequisite to take AP Studio Art is to have taken...