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Let’s talk Valentine’s plans

Students plan for Valentine’s day.
Sophy Marks
The best present for your vamp girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

We all know about Valentine’s Day. By now, we either love it or hate it or maybe a mixture of both. 

So, like what are we doing? Who are we hanging out with? Well let’s talk about all that and more.

Well a recent student body survey says, we’re doing a whole lot of nothing this year. Like literally on a survey of nearly 60 kids, more than 20 say they are doing nothing.

It’s kind of giving, boringggg… But let’s not focus on them. There are a few people doing fun things this Valentine’s Day.

Some couple activities, of course, like sophomore Hayley Ritz who is “gonna go out and have a fancy dinner date with my boyfriend. We never have time (or money) to do it any other time, so we thought a fancy date for Valentine’s would be a real treat for both of us.” 

Junior Riley Chapin also plans a “date night.”

Freshman Destiny Elliot is “going to see my boyfriendddd.”

But it’s not just those couples doing fun things this Valentine’s season, students have other fun activities.

Senior Elizabeth Stevenson is “going to dinner with a friend.”

Freshman Alyssa Tatum will “be at my dance studio for the night.” 

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About the Contributors
Christa McCormack
Christa McCormack, photographer
Christa McCormack who is currently 17 and a senior in high school (aka class of 2024). Her favorite things to do are photography, Bible study, and read. She enjoys all these things because it brings her closer to a deeper learning and to her faith. She currently works a full-time job, plus attends school and church groups as well. She does this to keep herself busy and constantly moving. She does not currently know what she plans on doing after high school but is leaning towards teaching early eduction.
Sophy Marks, art staff
Sophy Marks is a junior. This is her first time doing journalism; and she can't wait to work on comics for the Log and interview peers about subjects like local art, music, and movies. She also has interest in things like improvisational comedy, painting, fashion, theatrical makeup, and special effects. She is hoping to be a good addition to the Log with her art and ideas; and she can't wait to learn more about journalism.

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