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Hitting the Mats

Malea Biswell and Grace Burns

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Wrestling season is here! The athletes are excited and yet a little bit nervous as the season is in full swing. They practice every day, even optional Saturday practices. Though it’s a lot of hard work, the team has had a lot of new freshmen athletes.

“I have a friend I’ve known my whole life and he wrestled for a long time and all my coaches recommended wrestling during football.” Says freshman David DeGerald.


Wrestling offers an opportunity to make friends and form close bonds with teammates, but whether they’re in a duel or a meet, the pressure mainly falls on the individual athlete to do his or her best.


“My favorite part of wrestling is just going out there and having it be only me and not a whole team, so what I do I solely what helps make or break a meet.” Says DeGerald.


Just like any other sport, wrestling certainly makes the players nervous. Not only do you have to be all alone with one other random person, but you have a whole crowd watching you.


“it’s like a really weird feeling, it’s like butterfly’s but right whenever you get on the mat and you put your foot down, it all goes away.” Says freshman Josiah Lowe.


Athletes have to be pretty careful to not get sustained injuries, but when you’ve been wrestling for as long as Senior Will Nu has, injuries are going to happen.


“Sophomore year I got a concussion, I got slammed. “Says Nu.


Meets and duels are held in the main gym and the state competition is always the third week in February.



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