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Bonfire Tips from an Experienced Host

Courtney Calhoon, Log Writer

November 21, 2016

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Bonfires can be fun and loud and a great way to be outside when it is cold, but there are a number of reported accidents that occur at bonfires. Junior Annie Bensyl has hosted her share. Has anything bad ever happened at one ...

Holiday Hurdles

Courtney Calhoon, Log section editor

November 15, 2016

Filed under Entertainment, Opinion

The holidays are hard enough just trying to get to grandma’s house, then to your aunt’s house then if your parents are divorced it’s a whole new hassle. Then you have to figure out what all of your family and friends would...

Be Safe when Hosting a Bonfire

Courtney Calhoon, Log Writer

October 24, 2016

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These are things you need to do when hosting a bonfire… Use unpainted wood with no nails Make sure neighbors or people around are okay with it Away from houses, bushes, fences or anything that could cause a large ...