Northmen News

Musical auditions begin with a bang

August 24, 2010

By: Johnna Hensley Q & A with Jeff Baldwin, musical director NorthmenNews: Around how many people would you say attended the first day of auditions? Jeff Baldwin: We’re guessing a little over 90 NN: What are you look...

Theatre in the Park Q&A’s

August 15, 2010

By: Jessica Nichols Emma Kitelinger-- Actress NorthmenNews: How did you get involved with Theatre in the Park? Emma Kitelinger: My family and I had been going to shows since I was tiny. I saw that auditions started when you were ten and I saw one of the shows was Annie so I decided to a...

Excitement at the E3 Expo Preview

August 15, 2010

By: Tatyana Pekarsky As the lights dim, millions of eyes find their way to the grand stage. There, companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft each present their life’s work for their devoted fans. This year, E3 became a beac...