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Winterguard starts off season

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By: Jessica Nichols

NorthmenNews: How many girls are on the team this year and who are they?

Mackenzi Verhulst: There are 11 girls  on the team this year:  Myself, Kira McKiddy, Shelby Brazelton, Ramsie Verhulst, Amanda Byrum, Taren Leeds, Shelby Walker, Brittany Burge, Katelyn MidKiff, Madi Martin, and Moriah Clark.

NN: What is the theme this year?

MV: The theme this year is “Somebody to Love.”

NN: When is competition?

MV: Competition is February 5th at Truman, Feb. 19th at Blue Springs South, March 5th at Hickman Mills, March 19th at Grain Valley, and March 26th at Willard High School.

NN: How have practices been going?

MV: Practices have been going good, but with all the snow days it’s really costing us time we really value right now. With our first comp. behind us we have our work cut out for us so we are hoping for no more snow days so we don’t have to give up anymore Saturdays…”

NN: What songs is the guard performing to this year?

MV: We only perform one song during winterguard and it’s “Somebody to Love.”

NN: How has the drama been and how has it affected the team?

MV: After Christmas break we have had hardly any drama. But first semester with colorguard the drama was really bad. It was the same for every team and I have no clue why it was like that, but I’m glad it’s passed.”

NN: What are the team’s strengths?

MV: The team is only as strong as its weakest member…but right now I would say our strength is how good we work together and follow directions. 

NN: What are the team’s weaknesses?

MV: We will always have weaknesses but our worst is actually matching our flags, especially during our tosses.”

NN: What’s the difference between winterguard and colorguard?

MV: Winterguard: It’s strictly competition and we go to state. It’s just one song and there are weapons and a lot more dance incorporated. Winterguard is much harder than colorguard.. 

Colorguard: We perform with the band. We only go to two competitions otherwise it’s halftime shows. We perform how many songs the band plays which is about three. We hardly use weapons and dance. I like to think colorguard is just warming up for winterguard

NN: What are your hopes for competition season?

MV: My hopes are always high like always. We did get second at state last year and my hopes are just as high, maybe even higher.”

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Winterguard starts off season