Vacationing on a cruise ship

A cruise was a cool experience and fun. It is a time where you can just sit back and relax with the family, and you can see the ocean and the animals in the water like dolphins.

But before we get in the cruise, I want to tell you about how we got there. We started from the house and drove 12 hours to Texas and soon as we get there, we boarded the Carnival cruise ship, Liberty. Liberty featured a waterslide and there was pool filled with ocean water which sucks to get in your eyes and is hard to get out. But the pools are still a lot of fun and enjoyable.

Also there is a bunch of food that you can eat and it is all included. Some of the foods are tacos and burritos of all different kinds. It’s all really good to eat. Then there’s times where you have to dress up for, I think like one or two nights, which is not the best but they have an amazing food that they bring out and some weird foods that they bring out too, like cow tongue. Also snails, which believe me, they are disgusting and like really hard to eat.

I mean it’s fun to try new things.

After that, my parents find a kind of day care for us that seems pretty cool. The childcare had games like air hockey, and  also had Xbox and PS4 on the cruise. On the top of the deck, there was basketball and a soccer court with netting to keep the balls in and this was one of my favorite places on the cruise to go to.

There were places we got off the ship and went shopping. I got the wooden puzzle box that looks like a eagle; and my brother got a puzzle box that looks like a monkey. There was an activity where you rode in a circle tube in the cold water and went through the cave that had a ton of crystals that were really shiny. There was also a creepy cave that had bats in the caves.

Then there was another activity, which was a tour where you get to see the monkeys and if you had any shiny items out, they would steal them, and you would have to chase them. That’s not fun. They are fast animals and are creative so you can’t get them back. Also, the people who toured us said they were the monkey pick pocketers and were sneaky when they do steal stuff. My uncle had a monkey on him, and it was funny to watch my uncle see his face when the monkey got on him.

Also, we went on a tour where we got to see the pyramid where you could see a flashing thing, which was a statue of some kind.

There was a shop where they had cool little toys locals made, which I thought was awesome they built it from scratch and did not just buy it from someone and just sell it. Some of the people who were from the area that we were in were trying to sell something for a $100, when you could just go to a store and get it a lot cheaper. But that was how most of them get their money, I guess. I wish I had brought money with me on the cruise because there was so much that was cool that I could have just bought.

Then we had to go back on the cruise ship and when we got on there, we went straight to the room so we could change in to all our nice outfits just to go to a dinner.

I think the best part of the cruise was being able to go on the tours and being able to go get really good food they planned for us. And it was one of the best times ever.