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Students enrolled in the Journalism 1 writing course for the fall 2022 tried their hand at writing in the style of Pulitzer prize winner Brady Dennis of the St. Petersburg Times. They focused on writing detailed, observational personality profiles of people in the Oak Park community – from teachers to students to parents. Meet a few here.

Teaching one relationship at a time

Joshua Kori, Journalism 1 reporter

English language arts teacher Kalie Jones is who some kids imagine as the perfect teacher.  Jones always has a smile on her face. Jones has a good vibe and is always looking to have fun with her students.  Kids look at Jones as the best teacher on the Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship pathway.  Every day when students enter Jones’s classroom C142, they walk into a room with the lights o...

Electrons, protons, and so on

Jae Blanton, Journalism 1 reporter

Electrons, protons, and so on(s). Looking into the depths of science, many teachers can be overlooked because for some students they’re just teachers. However, they’re not just teachers, they’re people too. For example, biology teacher Trent Fuller, who teaches in the Business, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship pathway. Just by looking at him you wouldn’t know how invested he is in helpi...

Music helps Jaydablay escape

Roman Lazas, Journalism 1 reporter

At first glance, senior Jayden Le’s long hair and large glasses might seem abnormal amongst others his age, but, like every other student in these overcrowded halls, his true story is much more than meets the eye. With his deep-seeded Vietnamese roots in the projects of Kansas City, Section 8 housing is where he called home growing up. Though many might see this as a considerable disadvantage,...

Moving grain and moving transmission work

Cailyn Davis, Journalism 1 reporter

The alarms begin at 5 in the morning. With the room dark, he crawls out of bed not excited to start the day. Monday through Friday, grain elevator operator Dalton Doll’s schedule runs the same from the moment he wakes up to the moment he clocks out. Dragging his feet out the door, he kissed his girlfriend and went on his way. A large coffee is made by the loud machine in Casey’s eac...

Off to the military before a graduation cap

Chris Morales, Journalism 1 reporter

Senior Aidan Dobson who is already in the military while still being in school.  Dobson went about his daily life as normal, but come summer time before his senior year, he decided it was already time to start. “Why not, pretty much no point in waiting,” he said. With his guardian being fully supportive of his path into the military he kept going through it. After his basic train...

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