Norman’s Nickels: How did they return?

Have you heard of Norman’s Nickels? Did you know that they have just made a comeback to Oak Park this school year?

Well, they are back and here to stay thanks to assistant principal Jackie Gosney, math teacher Paul Gansen, English language arts teacher Jana Rustvold and the leadership team committee.

I look forward to Norman’s Nickels and using them for prizes.

— freshman Aloysious Tarley

Norman’s Nickels are a wooden nickel given out by staff members to students who they think are deserving of them. The nickels can be used to buy things like snacks such as candy, soda, chips, etc.

“The idea came out of my Oak Park leadership committee,” Gosney said.

There wasn’t a long or difficult process when it came to bring back Norman’s Nickels, in fact there wasn’t a process at all. Gosney said she wanted to bring them back and they made it happen.

“I think it’s a way to be recognized by teachers for doing the right thing,” Gosney said.

Norman’s Nickels are used to award students, not just to have students behave. They are a feel-good type of award and when you get them you know you have done something good and worthy of being recognized.

“I look forward to Norman’s Nickels and using them for prizes,” freshman Aloysious Tarley said.

Tarley also mentioned some students look forward to Norman’s Nickels.

“We are trying to find ways we that if you save them up you can use them to buy homecoming or prom tickets,” Gosney said.

Norman’s Nickels will be a very versatile item. Students run the prize cart during lunch where students buy the food and drinks with their nickels.

“I have a team that works on the cart, and it helps them work on their communication skills,” Gosney said.