“Euphoria:” Thoughts on the Second Season’s Fashion

Ryver Galloway, Journalism 1 reporter

In celebration of the ending of the second season of “Euphoria,” here is a review of some of my favorite, and most hated, outfits in this new season. Starting off with a bang is Maddy in her Akna black cut-out mini dress she wears at the party in the first episode. It’s very simple but the cut-outs make it so interesting to look at. And the smaller details, like her hair and necklace, is a nice mixture of 2000s and current day fashion. The Akna gloves are also a very nice touch.Next is Cassie’s iconic Oklahoma outfit. I honestly really like this outfit but there are a few things that I would fix. The main issue for me in the clashing patterns of her Seth Pratt dress set, which looks very good, but combining that with her hair makes it so there is a lot going on. Just put her hair up or make it a little less big and it would be perfect.Fan favorite in the first season, Jules, had a big switch up this time after being obsessed with femininity in the previous season. One of her outfits is a layered bodysuit from distal phalanx with a plaid mini skirt from Urban Outfitters and a 1st Dibs abstract vest topping it off. I am over plaid miniskirts at this point. They are great once and a while, but I prefer less colorful ones. My favorite part of this outfit though is the bag that Jules wears, the Runny Babbit Tapestry Bunny Bag. Lexi, my personal favorite, wears so many outfits in her play so let’s go over a few. She starts off the play in a collared hear-print dress from Farfetch. This dress perfectly embodies Lexi and looks fantastic on her to boot. The pattern, the ruffled collar, and the bow to top it all off, is lovely. Kat wears a beautiful O Mighty tie die heart dress when she gaslights Ethan at a restaurant. The only issue is what she is wearing under it. The mesh shirt. It looks terrible under the dress and needs to be its own statement piece in a different outfit. The dress looks absolutely stunning on her and the pattern of the sheer shirt under it draws all the attention away from that fact. Choose one or the other not both.Rue’s outfits are incredibly underrated. While yes, her outfits aren’t as “aesthetic” or over the top as the others, I quite enjoy her baggy outfits. My personal favorite of her outfits is the Malcom X t-shirt from Afterlife Boutique paired with a simple pair of dark jeans. It is still fashionable while staying true to that fact that Rue doesn’t care what she looks like most of the time and just wants to be comfortable. Last but not least is the overlooked Gia. There has never been a big focus on her outfits for several reasons but mainly because she isn’t part of the main six girls in high school. But this season she came through while helping Ali make dinner. Gia wears a pleasing color-contrasting maroon and light green shirt from Marc Jacobs that has a small palm tree embroidered on it.

She tops it off with a good ol’ pair of jeans along with a handmade beaded necklace. It’s simple, it’s cute, what more can we ask for. It is definitely a big step up from her season one outfits Having covered some of the best outfits, we’ll end it off there at Gia. Season 2 has showed cased many changes within the characters through their fashion. While some not as pleasing as others, I have showed you all of the more pleasing ones.