“Call of Duty: Ghosts,” Does it Deserve All the Hate?

Out of all the other “COD” games I have played, “Ghosts” has been my favorite by far.The first time I played this game was around six years ago, and to put it simply, this game was really impressive and different from other first person campaigns.The setting of the game is a war-torn U.S.A. 10 years after ODIN STRIKE (Orbital Defense Initiative) an orbital kinetic bombardment weapons platform developed by the United States, which was launched after a satellite hijack, then completely destroying everything it touched.


Call of Duty: Ghosts box art (courtesy of wikipedia)

The main protagonists of the game are The Ghosts, which is a friendly playable faction that appears in “COD: Ghosts,” the unit is led by Elias Walker, he is joined by his sons Logan Walker and David Hesh Walker. Most of the game is played through Logan Walker.The main antagonist Gabriel T. Rorke, a former Ghost leader and a former friend of Elias, was eventually turned into a traitor after being captured and brainwashed using torture and hallucinogens who now works with the Federation. (The enemies)

Now the game really begins when Elias Walker tells his sons about how the Ghosts first appeared. Now the Ghosts plan to devise a massive attack against the Federation and Rorke to defeat them, in which they miserably fail and not to mention Elias was killed by Rorke right in front of his sons.

What makes this game really good is that it is different from other first person shooters.

You get to play as a dog named Riley, you play characters other than Logan, you also get to control a tank and airplane. Of course there are other things, but those are the primary three I can think of.

There was this one scene in “Call of Duty: Ghosts” that was really incredible. And that was when Hesh elbowed the window for Riley to search and made all of these enemies come spilling out of the house. The first guy blind firing over his shoulder and running in a panic, and to the second guy who gets 27 bullets before falling through the window. In my opinion, it was really well planned out and exciting.

More on Riley the dog, for the first time, allows you to play as a female soldier. She is your canine partner that can rush at enemies to distract or kill for you on command which is really cool.

In the scene “Sin City,” Riley gets shot in the left thigh, which even though Riley survives at the end of the mission, I was worried she was going to die and I even felt upset that she had gotten shot. So far, “Ghosts” has been the first person shooter that I could play as a dog.

The one and only scene that got me all hyped up was the last scene, the ending scene. Logan Walker had shot Rorke in the chest before the train hit the ocean, when Hesh Walker and Logan thought it was all over after Logan dragged Hesh on the sand, Rorke surprised Logan, and even me when he appeared out of nowhere on the side of Logan.

This is what happens:

Rorke: (points at Logan) “You’re good.”

(kneels down in front of Logan) “You would have been a hell of a Ghost. But that’s not gonna happen. There ain’t gonna be any Ghosts… We’re gonna destroy them together.”Rorke grabs Logan’s leg and starts dragging him away.After this happens, Hesh, Logan’s brother yells after him after Rorke drags Logan away by the leg. Hesh tried to save him but he was terribly hurt and couldn’t move.Unfortunately we were left with a cliffhanger and a second ghost wasn’t made after 2013 due to the backlash of hate towards the game, people saying it was a horrible game. “Call of Duty: Ghosts” was really exciting and we had gotten tons of opportunities in the game that was a step up from the other “Call of Duty” games. It should have gotten a second chance and still should.