Mask Mandates: On again off again: What’s going on with masks and what students think

Katie Klepper, photographer

Masks have been required since the beginning of the 2020 school year. Some students said they are tired of wearing a mask to school and think they aren’t necessary, while others still think they are very necessary. This month, the mask mandate was lifted for one week before masks were required again.

 “It’s imperative that we wear masks, no matter how annoying they are. Nobody wants to wear it, but we need to so we don’t have to shut everything down for months again. The bother of wearing a mask does not justify not wearing it,said senior Ayah Abdelhameed.

In a survey sent out to the student body with 198 students responding, 51.7% said they liked wearing masks and 34% said they didn’t, while the rest didn’t care or had another opinion.

When asked if they think the mask mandate should be lifted for good, 62% of students said no and 26% said yes. From this survey, a majority of the students agreed they like wearing a mask and think the mandate should stay.

 “I think it’s good because it helps keep the others around you safe which in turn makes the people they interact with every day, friends and family, safe too; and if they wear a mask vice versa,” said freshman Angelina Peters. 

The mandate is staying for now but is supposed to be lifted again on Saturday, Feb. 5, said reporters from the Kansas City Star. The North Kansas City council voted 6-1 to bring the masks back until then. According to the Kansas City Star on Tuesday, Jan. 3, the average for COVID-19 cases had hit a record high, which was part of the reason for the masks making a comeback. 

I don’t mind having to wear a mask. It’s not the worst thing ever. Since COVID is still around we should still have to wear them to prevent ourselves and others from covid. It’s not hard to wear a mask,” said junior Jamie Hastings. 

Whether people like to wear masks or not the mandate is here to stay for a few more days this week.