Hobbies can relieve stress, provide an escape

Evelyn Bales, Journalism 1 reporter

Hobbies can provide a different life outside of work and school.

Sometimes life can become too overwhelming, having a hobby can help people relax and benefit in other ways including lower anxiety, lower stress level, and help cope with depression, according to https://www.headtohealth.gov.au/meaningful-life/purposeful-activity/hobbies.

Why Hobbies?

Hobbies fill in the boredom people feel when they have free days off work. It helps people develop new skills while looking forward to doing something they enjoy, according to https://www.skilledatlife.com/

Kansas City resident Christina Rumsey said, “It keeps people engaged in life, beyond just sitting and watching TV. Hobbies get people off their butt and moving around, for the most part.”

Rumsey’s hobby is art, not only does she enjoy making art at home, but she also does and teaches art for a living at Oak Park.

“I feel happy and at ease when creating art, especially when I get to paint,” said Rumsey.

Hobbies bring a sense of enjoyment and joy into people’s lives. They also bring people closer when others find they have similar interests in hobbies.

Grain Valley student Bradley Darling said, “It’s especially fun and investing to learn new information, playing with my friends can really be relaxing, and I think it can really improve my social skills.”

How to Find a Hobby

When finding a hobby for oneself, people should consider interests, likes, and what they’re good at. Other people’s hobbies can include collections, cooking, and reading.

Rumsey’s hobbies are art, exercising, reading, and crafting. Whereas another Kansas City resident Tammy Tran’s hobby is playing games.

The way people figure out their hobby can be different as well, sometimes it’s not as easy to just find a hobby and pick it up just like that. People can think about it, try new things, and meet new people.

“I was always good at it growing up and so I enjoyed it. And then once I got put into more intense classes in high school, they really pushed me and helped me see how good I was. And so, it was just exciting and awesome. Really, it was high school that really pushed me into the following art,” said Rumsey.

Tran found she liked playing video games with her dad; her dad also likes playing games and so she picked up that hobby from him.

Darling said his hobbies include biology, chemistry, playing games, and doing homework.

“In fifth grade, I read a book about bio and chemistry; and it was really interesting. I got into doing homework because every time I didn’t get a good grade,” said Darling.

When picking a hobby, it must be something people enjoy and want to spend free time on.

Why Do We Enjoy Hobbies?

There could be multiple reasons why people enjoy hobbies. Maybe you enjoy making loved ones happy and your hobby can do that, or maybe it’s because people simply just enjoy spending their time on it.

Depending on what hobby you choose, people can feel differently about each one.

“I do recommend this hobby. Art is very therapeutic and is a wonderful form of expression,” said Rumsey.

Rumsey said she enjoys expressing herself on a piece of paper or a canvas, which can make her feel calm when she makes art.

“I would recommend these hobbies if you like science and learning,” Darling said. “I like to research biology and chemistry in a really interesting way and to get invested in it, it’s very helpful for later.”

In his case, it’s different from Rumsey’s hobby. Darling chooses to put time and effort into his hobby because it’s interesting and he knows it will be useful in the future. Darling says he puts at least two hours a day into his hobby. Rumsey puts 30 minutes per day into hers.

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