Trends in fashion range from Mom jeans to thrifty finds

Every day students walk around school with many different styles. Some trendy and more basic and some more unique.

At Oak Park, some popular trends that have been seen are ripped jeans, leggings, pajama pants, sweatshirts, sweatpants, graphic tees, Crocs, and more.

Mom jeans have been popular recently and many people like them better then skinny jeans because they can be cuter with some outfits.

What trend do you love the most right now?


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“I like mom jeans because they are more comfortable than skinny jeans. I don’t like like skinny jeans at all,” said sophomore Lily House.

A trend some people like but others don’t is biker shorts. Some people may like how they look but others may not.

“My least favorite trend is biker shorts because they are unflattering,” said sophomore Reece Lesch.

Other students feel this way too.

Sophomore Chelsea Trieu said, “Biker shorts are cute on some people, but I probably wouldn’t want to wear them.”

House said, “I think biker shorts are cute, but I’ve never had them before, so I don’t know much about them.”

Some students like to wear cuter outfits, but some like to wear more comfortable outfits. For some people it can depend on the day and how they feel.

“I like to definitely wear cute outfits because I like to look nice,” said sophomore Claire McMahon.

Other students feel the same way.

“I like wearing cute outfits because I like looking nice,” said Lesch.

However, some students like to be more comfortable at school.

I like wearing cute and comfortable outfits,” said House. “But I like wearing comfortable stuff at school.”

Social media is a popular place to see fashion trends and get inspiration.

Many people post their outfits, and more people see and like it and find inspiration for their style.

Some popular stores people like to shop at are Pacsun, Target, Urban Outfitters, thrift stores, and Altar’d State. They have lots of cute styles people like Mom jeans, sweaters, jewelry, etc.

Thrift stores have been popular because they have a lot of cool clothes and vintage clothes. Many different styles can be found at thrift stores.

“I think thrift stores are sustainable and smart compared to fast fashion,” said Lesch.

Trends are popular and many people at Oak Park wear trendy styles, but not everyone. Some people like to have their own style.

“I think trendy stuff is cute but it’s also boring to follow trends,” said Lesch.