Five lunches try to alleviate overcrowding, wandering

Anissa Mohamed, Journalism 1 reporter

This year, administrators added another lunch shift, which makes five lunch shifts, so there were smaller crowds in the lunch lines and in the cafeteria.

“The cafeteria seems to be more relaxed and less crowded,” said assistant principal Molly Smith.

Capacity on the cafeteria is 275 people. Before the added lunch shift 425 students were assigned to be in each lunch shift. Now roughly 340 students are scheduled in each lunch shift.

Some students think the new added lunch shift is not helping with the overcrowding problem.

“It’s just as crowded as it was before,” said freshmen Sumaya Mohamed.

The lunch times were also cut shorter from 23 minutes to 20 minutes. According to Smith, this was not because of the new added lunch shift, but because students roamed the halls five minutes before their lunch shift was over because they were already finished with their food. In some circumstances it is good they shortened the lunches, but some students said they don’t get enough time to eat since they are in the lunch line for so long.

“The lines are so long and by the time you get your lunch, and you go back and sit down you only have like 10 minutes to eat,” said junior Zahra Mohamed.

Since there was an added lunch shift, some of the original lunch shifts had to change times. The earliest lunch shift is at 11:30 a.m. on extended AR days and at 11:18 a.m. on regular days.

“I think that’s pretty early,” said Sumaya Mohamed.

Adding on to that, the times on the lunch shifts change too. It caused confusion for students because some people have lunch at different times on A days and B days. The times also change whenever students have Wednesday’s extended AR and Thursday late starts.

“It’s really not doing anything but causing more confusion,” said Sumaya Mohamed.