Volleyball “plays” it safe for a healthy season

Rylee Tolar, Journalism 1 reporter

Likely, you’re tired of hearing about COVID-19, but it is still a part of all lives now.

COVID-19 affects everything, both little and big events. Sports have been affected by COVID-19, locally, nationally, and even internationally.  COVID-19 has affected all the sports at the school, volleyball is one of them.

Last year, when COVID-19 was still a new, volleyball had many more restrictions than it does now. According to senior Rebecca Perry, coach Kim Bennett and parent Ann Wardlow, the volleyball team makes sure players are safe while playing a school sport.

Varsity player Perry said, “I feel like we get to do everything that we used to do, we just have to wear a mask, they get annoying, very annoying.”

Masks are a hot topic at the moment.

“Our coach really wants us to wear masks when were in huddles, and she always wants us to have a mask on us, some girls just keep one in their bra straps,” Perry said. “When we’re not playing and we’re sitting in a stand, we have to wear a mask but when we’re on the bench and actively playing, we don’t have to wear one.”

Safety is a part of playing sports with COVID-19 around.

“Well, last December, I got COVID-19 from school, and I am also fully vaccinated, so right now I am not concerned for my own health. I am curious about how long my immunity will remain and have thought about getting periodic antibody testing to decide if I should take a booster. Yes, I do worry about my unvaccinated players’ safety,” Bennett said.

Wardlow, mother of JV player sophomore Nevaeh Wardlow, said, “I haven’t been worried at all regarding Nevaeh playing this year’s volleyball season or any sports she’ll play this school year.”

When asked about her safety, Perry said “personally, I don’t, I know that I’m vaccinated, and the rest of my family is. “Whenever a girl gets COVID, I’m not worried for my safety but more for the girls who aren’t vaccinated. There was an incident that a girl on C-team got COVID, everyone who wasn’t vaccinated had to quarantine, but the rest were allowed to stay at the school. I think for all sports it’s better to get vaccinated because it comes down to athlete safety.”

The volleyball team makes sure they’re safe on the court and when they’re not, this includes fundraisers and get-togethers.

“Every year they do a car wash and that was done outside and with social distancing. Another fundraiser was at North Oak Nutrition, and we just made sure everyone was wearing their masks and washing their hands,” Bennett said. “Thankfully, nothing has been cancelled this year. When some players had to quarantine, we were able to still hold all of our events.”

“So, we’ve done a carwash, North Oak Nutrition and just last night we had a fundraiser, I don’t know how much they’re making but with this many fundraisers, I feel like they’re pretty successful,” said Perry.

The season is pretty much the same, the only thing that is different are the masks.

“I think it’s the same, there’s probably less stands in our student section, but a lot of parents show up, and with the opposing team, they don’t have a large fan section,” Perry said.