Oak Park kicks off the new year with new stadium


Kayleonah Trumble

On Friday, September 3, 2021 Oak Park’s new stadium opened and the stands were filled with Alumni, Parents, and students. The lumberyard and the rest of the fans dressed in neon to support the opening theme. 

“I tried to participate but I didn’t have any Oak Park neon apparel so I just wore Oak Park shirts and prayed that it was okay,” said junior Allison Woodward

The stadium is a huge deal for our school and it brings the community together. 

“I think it means a ton, and not just for Oak Park students, faculty and alumni but just the community, you know, whenever you have something that’s nice, It creates a huge sense of pride, and so we are trying to relay that to our current students to appreciate what they have to keep it nice to celebrate it.” said Activities director Chad Valadez

The stadium is not just for current Oak Park students and staff, the stadium also means a lot to the alumni as well and it is important that they are also involved with what happens at the school. 

“The new Facebook page for alumni is an alumni group that’s really geared towards getting people excited about our new facilities, and not only that but we want to be able to show off those facilities. So we are using it to invite people to come out to large events, we’re using it to get alumni information,” said Cheer coach Kelsey Mayabb

Not only does the stadium make parents, staff, students and alumni excited, it also helps student athletes feel better on the field. 

“No question I think no matter who is out there, you know, whether it’s our band performing or pommies or cheer or football or soccer, to be able to walk out of your own building, and go to your own facility instead of getting on a bus to go traveling and play a home game, you know, somewhere else, it’s a ton of, you know, level of comfort and one and, You know, excitement, and confidence I think both.” said Valadez

The new stadium includes new bleachers, a climate control press box, a huddle camera to record practices, a painted shed, green screen on the tennis courts, a concession stand, and a south concession stand which is shared with oak grove park. 

“I thought the stadium was really well laid out, the entrances where well placed and it was easy to access,” said Woodward

“I love it, I think it’s been such a long time coming, as someone who not only grew up here with a dad who worked here but someone who was fortunate enough to get to go to Oak Park High School, I just think it’s such a cool thing that our community can now rally behind because it’s, It’s new. We’ve never had it and it really just sets in stone that tradition of being able to have our own home games,” said Mayabb

The stadium opening was a huge event for the Oak Park community. The final score was 14-35 and the Grain Valley Eagles won. Admission for future games are $3 for students, $5 for adults, and anyone 55 or older or who has an activities pass are free.