The fourth date may just work for the new drive in movie event. Mark your calendar for Friday, April 30.

Lindsey Dunaway, writer

As the year progresses, COVID-19 restrictions ease back and more events are being held for example, Oak Park decided to hold its own drive-in movie theater. 

“Ideally, this will become something that we do every year,” senior David Gresty said. 

The drive-in required a lot of planning.

“[The planning] went all the way back to December, which is when we originally tried to plan it,” said StuCo sponsor Bryan Edinger. “The first thing we did is we had to get our supplies together, so we purchased a 20- foot by 30- foot tarp; and then the next thing we purchased was an FM transmitter.”

The drive-in is currently scheduled for Friday, April 30 after being pushed back three times. 

“So COVID was the first [challenge],” said Edinger. “Two or three days before our first attempt, Mayor [Quinton] Lucas came out with new restrictions about how many people could be near each other and the limit was 10. So at any extracurricular school activity if we had more than 10 people, we had to postpone.”

Trying to get kids to bond was the hope behind the event.

“So like I said, especially being in Student Council, there’s a desire and want to get our student body to bond so bonding is kind of difficult. We don’t have an atmosphere,” said Gresty. “The best atmospheres are created by large groups of people that are having a blast together.”

StuCo has hopes everyone has a good time.

“We’ll have what’s called a car guider there to put cars into places. The front row is reserved for the prepaid people, and then everybody else has to come in,” said Gresty.

This event will be held on Friday, April 30, weather pending. Tickets are $10 per car.

“We haven’t had a big event in a long time so it’s gonna be nice to have everyone back in the same spot,” said junior Anthony Valadez.