Theater takes 11 Blue Star Nominations

Starlight Theater’s Blue Star Awards just released their nominees for awards this year. Oak Park received 11 nominations this year.


Nominations are:

  • Brenden Blue- Technical Achievement Award for Publicity Design and Management (first time publicity has ever been nominated in this category)
  • Emily Morrison- Technical Achievement Award for Costume Design and Management
  • Kaleighan Chastain- Technical Achievement Award for Stage Management
  • Lily Dickson- Technical Achievement Award for Hair/Makeup Design and Management
  • Reese Hill- Rising Star Scholarship
  • Francesca Young- Rising Star Scholarship
  • Community Impact Award- TFAC/The Yellow Boat (this year did not have to be tied to the musical!)
  • Brenden Blue- Performance Scholarship
  • Kylie McLane- Performance Scholarship
  • Madi Wells- Performance Scholarship
  • Jacob Collier- Lead Actor as the Baker from Into The Woods

“I am very proud of all of these students and their hard work and contributions to their craft within the department,” said theater director Matthew Ashpaugh. “They have all achieved so much during a global pandemic. They have continued to rise above even when Broadway is dark and silent. If you see any of these students, please give them a HUGE shoutout and congratulate them on their amazing achievement of nominations.”