Wash your hands

April 18, 2020

COVID-19 is a deadly virus, so how can you help prevent you and your family from getting it?

There are many things you could do but the two main things are to stay at home and to wash your hands.

When you were younger you learned how to rub soap in between your hands and to sing “Happy Birthday” for about 20 seconds and then rinse them. However, you want to make sure you hit every surface of your hands, also scrub the most exposed parts of your wrist and then clean under your nails. 

Wash your hands more frequently, if you have to go somewhere wash your hands before you leave, it will help you and it will help other people too, you don’t want to give other people something that could be in your house even if it is a cold.

When you get home from going somewhere even if you were just going for a drive, wash your hands. When you walk into your house don’t touch anything unless you have to like the door handle or the faucet handle, wash your hands immediately for 20 seconds and wipe down your door handles. 


You are supposed to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds but with going into grocery stores or running errands, especially with the virus getting so bad, but songs like “Happy Birthday” and “ABCs” can get old.

Here’s just one of many COVID-19 songs from professional artists that we’ve seen trending recently. 

Neil Diamond “Hands.. washing hands”


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