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April 20, 2020

Stores are crowded, resources are thinning, and chaos is spreading. Every mother, father, aunt, uncle and guardian are rushing to get to the toilet paper before one another. It’s the end of the world – or so people think. 

No need to worry, here’s what people should keep in mind while shopping during these times. 

It’s safer to stay inside as much as possible.”

— sophomore Jaida Horne

Psychology tells us humans are biologically trained to prepare for when difficult situations are thrown at them. Some students keep preparation simple, shopping for only essential items.

“To me, essential items would be food, hygiene products, cleaning supplies and medications,” junior Sabreen Aban said. 

The definition of essential items may differ depending on who one talks to. 

“You don’t need many essential items. Food and water are the most important to me,” sophomore Gabriella Cedillo said. 

During times of panic, shopping seems a lot easier said than done. Many people struggle finding the items they’re looking for. 

“I get stressed out when shopping because it’s so crowded. It really makes you see the seriousness of this pandemic,” sophomore Izzy Christus said. 

While some people find it difficult to shop, others may not. 

“I don’t really find it difficult to shop. Sometimes, it’s just frustrating when an ingredient wouldn’t be there if I’m making something specific,” sophomore Jaida Horne said.

Many families handle this situation in different ways. Some are buying a decent number of essential items, while others stuffed their pantries as if it’s the beginning of an apocalypse. 

“You shouldn’t buy everything at once because that’s just being selfish considering there are thousands of other people currently going through the same pandemic. And especially if those families can’t afford buying everything at once,” Aban said. 

It is good to prepare for a crisis, but keep in mind other factors that partake in keeping one safe.

“You should stock up, but not heavily. Buy items to last at least a month or so, so you aren’t exposing yourself every week,” Christus said. 

Others agreed.

“You should over-stock on items because the virus is growing exponentially. It’s safer to stay inside as much as possible,” Horne said.


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