Pommies prepare for competitions

Claire Heller, Journalism 1 reporter

  5, 6, 7, 8. As the music starts to play, the Pommies prepare for the upcoming competition season. Practicing from 3 to 5 p.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, the team looks forward to creating new memories. 

With regionals quickly approaching in January, the girls learn and perfect their choreography. Competition season is a very busy and chaotic time of year. Between preforming at basketball games, learning new choreography for both games and competition, and also the weather. Aside from the stress, everyone looks forward to the 2020 competitions.  

“I’m most looking forward to getting to spend time with everybody, but also going to nationals. Getting to go on a trip with everybody is going to be so much fun and a memorable experience,” freshman Eliza Sprouse said.  

Preparing for the season includes multiple steps such as camps, long practices, learning the routines and remembering. A choreographer comes in to teach the competition routines and also decides the music to go along with as well. For games, the girls go to different camps to learn new techniques and routines, but the girls will sometimes choreograph their own game routines. 

The team has grown very close 

“Everyone has a strong determination to have a successful and rewarding season,” coach Jackie Gosney said.  

Having a good team bond is an essential because without, they wouldn’t have the same motivation and practices are more enjoyable.  

“Making new friends, and just becoming a family with everybody that is on the team. Getting to see everybody throughout the day and getting to eat lunch and spend time with them is the best part about Pommies,” freshman Rylee Grossman said.  

The team competes at three different competitions this season, regionals, state, and nationals. This season is different from previous seasons in multiple different aspects. Including the work ethic, motivation, and leadership.  

“All of our returners from last season understand the dedication it is going to take for us to compete at the level we want,” Gosney said.  

Dancers agreed. 

“All of the difficult practices and hours spent learning new routines will all be worth it,” said Grossman. 

 A lot of the girls look forward to going to Florida this March for nationals. Even if the competitions don’t go as planned, they will still have those memories and experiences.  

“The most rewarding part of the competition was hearing the feedback from other schools about how much better we looked and performed,” Gosney said.