Directing the season

Lindsey Dunaway, Editor in Chief

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In the past years, every choir at Oak Park was directed by Chris Droegemueller but this year, Oak Park’s women’s show choir Treble FX got a new director. 

“I was honored and super excited to have the opportunity to work with Mr. D, Ms. Lisa and the students of Oak Park High School by taking over Treble FX and assisting with A Cappella Choir,” director Anna Wooderson said.

TFX is different from other choirs, we have different standards”

— Kelsey Abunga

Although there aren’t many major changes, there are going to be a few. 

“The biggest change will be that Treble FX and Oak Street will have directors solely devoted to the success of each performance ensemble,” 

Every choir has different needs that have to be fulfilled in order to get the best possible outcome. 

“TFX is different from other choirs, we have different standards,” sophomore Kelsey Abunga said. 

Balancing multiple choirs and multiple competitive show choirs’ limits what a director can do with each choir. 

“I think having a director only for TFX is a great idea because Mr. D is so busy as it is,” Abunga said. 

There are always pros and cons to major changes that both staff and students have to overcome when a major change occurs. 

“Any time that people are getting to know one another, challenges can arise,” Wooderson said. “However, I have had the pleasure of only interacting with Oak Park students who are motivated, respectful and eager to do whatever it takes to have a successful year of choir.” 

Even with changes, there will always be the things that are constant.