Science skits earn Mr. and Miss OP crowns

Leah Beatty, photographer

On Thursday, April 18, Oak Park hosted Mr. and Ms. OP.

Seniors Keiman McCoy and Hannah Rogers representing N2 Sports Marketing, SeniorsZach Ropka and Ola Thabit representing Science Olympiad, and SeniorsKayelyn Logan and Ti Tran representing Cambia yearbook as the candidates for Mr. and Ms. OP.

They first did walkouts, a club-related skit, a theme-related skit, and they played a game of Jeopardy where questions were provided from a Google doc students filled out.

“I think that [Mr and Ms. OP] will bring a lot of publicity for N2 Sports, just to have all the families and friends there, me and my team member will go over what we do in N2 Sports and hope to get people more involved,” said Rogers.

Mr. and Ms. OP has been an event for many years. The event helps bring the school and families together to watch students represent their clubs in a fun way.

“I feel pretty great about it, a little nervous. It’s the first time I’ve performed in front of the school and it’s the first time I’ve been up as a candidate for anything, but, I don’t know, it makes me feel good, ” said Rogers.

The sports marketing skits included an inside joke of the class and a lip-sync of Justin Bieber ‘Baby’. Yearbook’s skit involved a game of Pictionary and a skit about what goes into their class that was audience-interactive. Science Olympiad skits included a display of burning different chemicals and a representation of a female scientists life.

At the end of Mr. and Ms. OP, Ropka and Thabit representing Science Olympiad won.