McSparin earns administration degree

Caitlin Anderson, photographer

While many students have had many achievements, we can’t forget about the teachers. Namely, physics teacher Tyler McSparin, who has recently achieved his administration certification online through Arkansas State to achieve his Education Specialist degree.

“It really only exists in education. It’s after a masters degree but before a doctorate degree. It’s sort of like a second masters degree that gets me qualified to be an administrator,” said McSparin.

While he did this to further his career, McSparin said, “I got into teaching because I was inspired by [my wife]. She was a teacher before I was, I got into teaching because of her. I came to Oak Park because I wanted to work with her.”

Jamie McSparin, Tyler McSparin’s wife, earned her certification a year before he did.

“Once I saw her in the program, it inspired me to really go for it.”

Now, he does have the qualifications to join an administration team wherever the opportunity arises, but he’s choosing not to.

McSparin said, “I wanted to teach at Oak Park, and they needed a physics teacher. So, I went out and got certified in physics just to teach here. But I would rather take an administration position at Oak Park. I don’t want to move my family far away.”

He encourages others to follow his path.

“To all of you children out there who are bright and wonderful and caring and who should become educators, you’ve been told for a long time that you have to be poor if you want to be a teacher; and it is not true.  Teachers, especially teachers in this part of the city, make money, have good retirement plans, good benefits. So, if the only thing holding you back from making a difference in people’s worlds, you do not have to be poor.”