Striving for excellence

Lindsey Dunaway, writer

As the school year comes to an end, students start rushing around to finish their missing work, fix their grades, and study for EOCs.

“I’m most nervous for being tested over anything we learned at the beginning of the year, especially in math because we learn so much over the course of the year that it’s hard to remember back that far,” sophomore Olivia Oswald said.

Students feel the pressure as they reflect on what they’ve learned throughout the school year.

“I’m just nervous [that] I’m not going to do as good as I hoped,” senior Tony Tomlen said. “It really messes with my morale when I study and study but have bad results.”

Students spend time reviewing to ensure they get the best result they can get.

“I look back at old reviews and graded work so I can see what something is and how to do it correctly. I spend as much time as I can after I’ve done all my other work, but at least 15 minutes a day reviewing things I don’t understand,” Oswald said.

Every student’s study habits are different, but they all have the same end goal.

“I would say if you’re taking an EOC remember to take a second to breathe if you get stressed,” sophomore Kaelyn Thompson recommended.

Sometimes students crash under the pressure put on them to do well on the test.

“Some advice I can give students taking [an] EOC is just keep your head up. Having a positive attitude will always prevail one way or another. Just keep trying your hardest,” Tomlen encouraged.