Avengers: End Game


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After the culmination of 22 films spanning more than a decade, End Game was the “end of the road” Tony Stark started. The movie contains the superheroes the world fell in love with the start of the Marvel Universe.

courtesy of IMDb

The “Avengers: Infinity War” cliff hanger left the world in a turmoil of emotions. The world thought the Avengers had finally lost. Which bummed thousands of fans everywhere, even me. The announcement of End Game carried both happy and sad emotions for me. I was happy there was finally going to be a conclusion to the world I found myself loving. Yet, I was sad to say goodbye to the characters who were present throughout most of my childhood.

Anthony and Joseph Russo packed three-hours with scenes of anticipation or tears. The movie serves to be the last hurrah of most surviving characters. The Russo brothers’ touching, powerful finale more than lives up to the hype. It’s a thrilling conclusion and deeply emotional exploration of love and loss, duty and honor, friendship and family.

Infinity War was villain packed, bloody and dark. End Game focused on the heroes turning it lighter. Like all Marvel movies, directors mixed humor in with action and heartbreak. End Game focuses on the heroes after they deal with failure and try to regroup.

Thankfully, in-depth knowledge of all 22 movies isn’t essential. The plot jumps around a bit, but with the flashbacks, a casual viewer can understand with ease. The Russo brothers did a fantastic job at making sure every scene packed. But, it was overwhelming at times. It’s a film that will inspire repeat viewings to digest all the action.

This movie ranks up there with “Deathly Hallows: Part Two” – both are epic, emotional, exceptional franchise finales.

And for the biggest spoiler of them all: the Avengers are in it.