Column: Don’t accept trans erasure

Luka Ashton, Journalism 1 reporter

The LGBT community, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. It has been this way from the beginning, the community built off of the backs and efforts of several prominent black trans women. This history, however, is too often ignored as so many people attempt to erase trans history and trans existence as a whole. Inside and outside of the community, trans voices are often stomped out or ignored, it breaks it apart as trans people are ignored and attempted to be shoved out.

Drop the T movement started in 2015 with a group of cis gay and bisexual people starting a trend to “drop the T” from the LGBT acronym, attempting to remove trans people from their own community.  This movement gained a scary amount of traction and still makes blips on the radar presently. These ideals from within the community are terrifying, triggering infighting and lack of unitedness leaves the LGBT more than vulnerable.

Transphobia within gay communities are rampant, gay or bi trans people are often shunned from dating pools and safe spaces, considered less than cisgendered gay or bi people. This is nothing short of discrimination and making the world even more unsafe for trans people than it already is.

The pain one must feel to be turned away, kicked out, harassed in their own community, their safe haven by the group of people formed meant to protect them has to be deep and raw and real. The cis members of the LGBT community have dropped the ball on uplifting and supporting the voices of their trans siblings and that is a dangerous thing, I ask that cis people in and out of the community work on listening and encourage others to listen to trans people and try to lessen the struggle trans people experience daily in our current society.