You should watch the improv team

Kayelyn Logan, Log photo editor

The improv team “Last Minute Replacements” had a show on Valentine’s Day that was quick to get laughs from the audience with their on-the-spot jokes and outrageous actions.

The team offered many little improv games to keep the audience entertained. When performing Dinner at Bernie’s, a improv game, where they have to perform a scene the same way with less and less people as they get eliminated, the four replacements who were involved were able to think of the jokes and ways to make the word avocados (provided by an audience member) into an interesting thing to watch.

With many of their bits involving having to redo scenes in the same way with different rules, all the “Last Minute Replacements” were able to memorize them well and thoroughly. It was very intriguing watching them because they really gave all they had, including being thrown to the edge of the stage when given five seconds to reperform a scene.

With being a high school improv team, mistakes and blanking are bound to happen, but the skilled team was able to not only work through mistakes but also laugh through it, making the audience enjoy it more.

Speaking of the audience. They involved the audience very well as an improv team should. They were able to make the audience be in constant laughter and taking the funniest suggestions.

The whole team was performed greatly but two performers really stood out to me. Seniors Sam Thomas and Lindsey Jones were able to portray different characters in different ways on the spot. Jones was able to bring her stage name *MSK* to life with attitude.  Each character she played had a little bit of her personality with still being an entire new person.

Thomas was able to put her entire soul and heart into creating a whole new person new person that create an exciting atmosphere.

Colby Johnson was brave with throwing his body onto the ground or climbing on people. It’s takes a special person to be able to do that with that strong of trust in his team mates and you could definitely tell the team had trust.

The Last-Minute Replacements put on a great show that was inclusive, interesting and keep the audience engaged. This show is high recommended. 10 to the 10 stars.