Focus on Spirit


Juniors student body president-elect Malissa Bartlow and vice president-elect Morgan Kendall have been elected by the school.  Student Council sponsor Brian Edinger announced the results Friday, March 8, via email.

In their campaign, Bartlow and Kendall made plans to bring in more involvement in school activities from students, both upper- and lower-classmen.

“Next year I really want to bring the spirit for Oak Park,” said Bartlow. “I want to run the school events smoothly, and I wanna have participation and have students be more involved.”

Kendall chose to run as vice president because she wanted to help improve school spirit.

“We’ll carry out this just by better promotion and just letting everyone know what’s going on, and leading by example,” Kendall said. “So if we are wanting to do it, they are going to want to, too.”

Some teens constantly scroll through social media apps, so many organizations such as Student Council or Leadership could communicate about certain events or last-minute decisions. When Kendall or Bartlow used these apps, they were able to reach out to kids they may not see often in class or hallways.

“I think social media plays a big part to it ‘cause everyone sees Snapchat and Instagram,” said Kendall. “Things like social media and if we do something like spirit week that influences underclassmen and getting more people in Student Council and school events.”

They hope to influence students to participate in spirit week, run for Mr. and Ms. OP, or even run for candidacy. And having a strong president is important.

“Someone who has inspired me is definitely our previous president Kari Westberg. She’s one of my close friends and she really embodies what a student body president should be. She just has a lot of school spirit.”