Kates Kitchen

Kate’s Kitchen located in the In Gladstone, MO

Kate’s Kitchen located in the In Gladstone, MO

Nathan Nance, Writer

Kate’s Kitchen located at 8002 N Oak Traffic way in Gladstone, MO has become a Northland favorite. I got the chance to sit down and talk with owner, David Herdrix who shared with me that he has been in the restaurant business since he was a kid. He opened Kate’s Kitchen 10 ½ years ago in 2008.

The structure of Kate’s Kitchen which is only open until 2pm everyday, allows him to spend more time with his family since they aren’t open as late at most restaurants. He and his staff strive every day to give the best that they can and that has helped make them so successful.

David said that God has blessed the business and attributes that as a part of their success. They also support our local schools but being a part of the Major Saver Card fundraiser as well as hiring local high school students.

This style of restaurant has brought on closer competition with Big Biscuit and First Watch opening closer but he says that they really haven’t noticed any impact from those on their business.

Several of the great staff. Ryan Walker is an Oak Park alumni Amanda mike Jessica wade Danger Phillips.
Anita Thompson eating at Kates kitchen

Customer, Anita Thompson, said it best, “this is the best place to as the staff are all friendly and they get to know you”

Kate’s Kitchen located in the In Gladstone, MO