Whiskers Cat Café meows and drinks

Whiskers Cat Café, located in Westport at 3705 Summit St., is a fresh spin on the local café due to its cat lounge. Custumers book reservations for an hour in the cat lounge because they only allow 10 in at a time for a 60-minute session, costing $10 and drinks.

Partnered with the KC Pet Project, Whiskers has a $50 to $75 fee to adopt a cat or kitten.

Nathan Nance
A rescue cat jumps for the toy held by custumer Jenna Habegger.

According to employee, Branson Christopher, since they opened on Nov. 23, they have had 30 to 35 cats adopted. Capacity is for 30 cats, but there are currently 19 in the lounge.

Nathan Nance
One cat on a cat bridge in the lounge.

It took them about three years to open because of all the license and permits required because they serve drinks and have cats in the cat lounge. This required them to separate the rooms.


Many of the cats are very social making it a good place to enjoy and have a drink with them.

Nathan Nance
Customer Denise Nance relaxes with two kittens in her lap.