Marketing sports a new face and goals


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New teacher. New classroom. New website. Sports marketing has a new face this year in several key areas.

Teacher Eric Whited, previously a biology teacher, advises this class. He also teaches business law, marketing principals and web design. This year though, he’s hit the ground running with a new concept for the sports marketing class.

Lejla Tenic, Bailey Brewer, Peyton Richmond, Dec. 10, 2018

In the past North Kansas City District was partnered with a company that “supplied us with the materials we needed to do the live streams and also collected our sponsorships in the community. As of this year, we’re no longer partnering with that company and we are excited to be doing everything in-house,” said Whited.

This year, sports marketing focuses on being student ran, rather than a company doing it  for them. There are 23 students in the class, each of which have their own role.

“I think that everyone is a key role in sports marketing. Without all of us, it wouldn’t run as smoothly,” said senior Korrin Williams.

Sports marketing is in charge of the new athletic website. This website,, launched on Monday, Oct. 8. Senior Miki Hall played a crucial role in making this website happen.

“I inputted the schedules and the rosters from this year and past years and, like, information about the players,” said Hall.

Furthermore, sponsorships are another branch consulted by recovery room teacher Ross Sharp. Sharp will be doing the sponsor acquisitions and teaching students the ropes of how to go about delivering a sponsorship opportunity to businesses.

“We want to help our students learn the ins and outs of how to communicate with local businesses, how we can follow a contract, what’s in a contract, and then how to present that information to the business,” said Sharp.

If students are interested in being a part of the sports marketing class next semester, they should grab an add/drop form from the counseling office and talk to Whited for more information.

If you’re interested in being a N2 Sports sponsor, email [email protected]or [email protected].


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