Seniors take “last chance” ACT

Sammi Johnson, Journalism 1 reporter

One of the final ACTs for seniors comes up Saturday, Dec. 8. Many colleges accept the December ACT as the last one to apply for their scholarships. So, seniors panic to prepare for this last chance to improve their score.

According to teachers, studying and getting prepared for this test can help tremendously.

“I have taken practice acts on the ACT website, especially English because I got a really bad score the first time,” senior Korrin Williams.

Seniors who might need some extra help preparing for this test can attend one of the ACT boot camps.

“December 5th during AR we are going to have a boot camp; and we are going to go over some generalized ACT strategies, but we are also going to split up and have the kids focus in on a section of the ACT that they really want to dive in and try to increase their score on. We will have math, English, reading, and science sections, divide and conquer,” said ELA teacher Callie Smothers.

Although, it is not always enough for students.

“I have been to one ACT boot camp in the past. It didn’t benefit me because I only went to one and it was pretty basic and was too short, I didn’t learn enough,” Williams said.

Statistically, it is beneficial to take the ACT more than once.

“My personal opinion is to take it three or four times, it is not a one-time only type of test,” Smothers said.

It is important to learn and reflect from tests to improve for the next one.

“If you’re not reflecting, it’s going to be hard to improve so you need to be aware of what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are, what you’re testing, what your patterns are as far as when you get stressed out and when do you start to panic and when are you losing your comprehension. Having those reflections mean you’re more likely to be able to use strategies that will impact your score. If you aren’t able to reflect, then you’re not going to be able to improve your score typically,” Smothers said.