Teachers enjoy pumpkin patches.

Kylie Michael, Journalism 1 writer

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As Halloween approaches, the popularity of pumpkin patches grows in Kansas City.

Spanish teacher Stacey Stowers-Dewitt has a 4-year-old son. She goes to the pumpkin patch for her son.

“He loves it and it’s a great outlet for his energy,” Stowers-Dewitt said.

She also enjoys it because of the pumpkin donuts, the time of the year and the activities.

Chris Goll, a science teacher, also loves going to the pumpkin patch.

“It’s just good, wholesome family fun,” Goll said, “a little bit of a history lesson too.”

He also said Carolyn’s Country Cousins Patch has a pig race. He used a velocity gun and aimed it the pig. First pig was zapped before it turned the corner, it was 18 mph. The second heat came around, the first pig was going 15 mph.  The third heat began, the first pig was 30 mph.

Even students who don’t go to pumpkin patches wish to go to pumpkin patches.

“When I was younger, we would go to the pumpkin patch all the time,” said freshman McKenzie Day, “I wish I could go now.”

Josh Howards enjoys going to the pumpkin patch, but there is a main reason he goes.

“I wouldn’t go if it weren’t for the kids,” said social studies teacher Josh Howard.Tea

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