Powderbuff volleyball spikes the night


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Powderbuff took place at Oak Park on February 2, 2018, the day before the Sadie Hawkins dance.  This is Oak Park’s first ever Powederbuff game where the Junior and Senior boys get a chance to play against each other like the girls do for Powderpuff.  Powderpuff happens in the fall before homecoming where Junior and Senior girls play football, a boy’s fall sport, while the Junior and Senior boys cheer, so they’re switching roles.  Powderbuff is a new spin on this because the boys are playing volleyball, a girl’s fall sport.  The turnout for Powerbuff was really good for the first year, and this is what some participants had to say about it.

Nick Crawford was of the Junior players.  He said he played “Most of the positions all around the court,” and he thought that he played well even though his team lost.

“It was my committee for leadership, so I was supposed to play in it.”

Since this is the first ever Powederbuff, he said, “I thought it was good and the committee that was in charge put a lot of effort into it.”

Nikola Viskovic, was another one of the Junior players.  He was a back-row passer, and has never played volleyball before but said he had “a lot of fun”.  He said wanted to play because, he had never played before and it seemed fun to him and “It was a good way to hang out with my friends.”

“I thought it was a good idea and a lot of people showed up to watch.”

Junior Kari Westberg has played varsity volleyball for Oak Park for the last 3 years. She said the main job as the coach was to “Tell the guys where to go and what to do since most of them had never played before.”

“I love volleyball and I take any opportunity to be involved in it.”

She said that the guys did really well for not ever playing before. Junior Jacob Bivins and Junior Jonathan Hill stood out to her the most because “Bivins was a good hitter, and Jonathan was a really strong blocker.”  She thought the first Powderbuff game was “Good and fun,” and “Had a really great turnout.”

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