Showing your spirit

Showing your spirit

Lindsey Dunaway and Mackenzie Powell, Journalism 1 reporter and Log photographer

Walk down the  main hall, almost always there is five attention-grabbing posters advertising yet another spirit week. Match your date, color wars, tourist day, and even pajama days are some of Oak Park’s abundance of spirit weeks. Over the course of the year, Oak Park holds many spirit weeks that they encourage students to participate in.

“[Spirit weeks are] usually around our Student Council events or if a certain club asks us to have one,” Student Council president Mark Nichols said.

There are some extreme students who will participate whole heartedly as they parade the halls in their spirited clothes. While others, avoid spirt week as a whole. There are many reasons as to why students don’t participate.

“Usually I just don’t find an interest in some of them,” freshman Dylan Fay said.

With some of the reused themes, many students are untimely turned away from wanting to participate more than once.

“We kind of recycle spirit weeks usually, or we ask our teachers or other students what they want to have as a spirit week theme,” Nichols said.

Some students need a little more encouragement to participate in the spirit weeks. At Oak Park, with a spirit week seemingly every week it dulls the excitement behind the idea of showing your school spirit.

“Better things we could do for them [would encourage me to participate]” Fay said.