It’s getting towards the end of the semester and student are freaking out over the attendance policy.

If you have below 90% attendance, this can put a penalty on your grades.

How can you fix it? Here are some ways.




Every Tuesday and Wednesday there is afterschool tutoring in the cafeteria, all you do is sign in using your lunch number, select a class you want to raise the attendance for, take a seat and work on assignments, late work, study, etc. Tutoring ends at 4:30 pm.


If you do not have a ride home, there are bus passes that you can get.


Attendance appeal


If there is a certain reason as to why you have been missing school, whether it’s health/mental reasons, family issues, etc. You can ask for an attendance appeal through Administer Dr. Dial.

All you have to do is go down to the attendance office, let the ladies know and they will notify Dr. Dial and let you know when you can see him if he is busy.


If you are not having any serious issues as to why you are not attending school, just attend! It will cause you less stress