IT movie review

Written by Stephen King, we have a classic movie, IT originally came out in 1986. Now 2017 Millennials have brought IT back. This classically good movie from the late 1980s was turned into a classic good of the late 2017s. As many people will say it is good or bad I highly vote that it was fantastic. I personally love horror genre and was beyond excited to see the first horror movie I ever watched, at the age of 4-6, be remade. It was one that definitely supported my love for it all.

A great plot that was with the movie. It flowed well and there was no confusion on my part. The actors all played their given parts well, they showed good fear, friendship, and bravery. Just like the original, Little Georgie lost his boat and was dragged down by IT so he could “float too”. The Losers club came together, like the original Losers club, and managed to scare off the bullies as well! They all got together and worked as a team to destroy IT and keep the future Berry kids safe.


There were many jump scares that were really good and planned well. There were a lot more than I expected but but it just made it all that much better! There were definitely some unexpected turns in the movie, no spoilers, but the last few scenes were beyond awesome! I finally know how IT means “float” I was shook! It was NOT was I was expecting but it was still really good! I highly recommend it to those who love horror or those who want a good scare! Younger viewers should not watch until they are the appropriate age. Hope you enjoy the movie or you might “float too.”

As a child my parents were upset that I watched the ‘86 film of IT and said I was not allowed to watch it until I was older, well I got older and saw nothing super scary as portrayed. The new IT is 100% something you shouldn’t let younger viewers see. I didn’t get scared but there was a vew parts in it that made me say to myself “That was really in this?!” it was none less the perfection I said IT to be.