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Puppy Play Day

Hullale Khizirpour

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On Tuesday the Oak Park Volleyball team hosted an all-day event called Puppy Play Day for students in the FACS courtyard. This event helped raise money for the KC Pet Project Program, a no kill animal shelter. Entry costed $3  and dogs came in all shapes and sizes.

I went to Puppy Play day last year and this year as well and personally it has been the best event that Oak Park has hosted. Dogs bring joy to almost everyone as well as relieving stress. It’s an awesome time for this day as well because finals/EOCs/AP Testing are here. Not only did I having an awesome time hanging with a bunch of dogs, but the money that people, and myself, donated towards the entry went towards an awesome animal shelter, and it helps fund the Oak Park Volleyball team.


I rate Puppy Play Day a 10/10 and I hope it becomes a yearly event.

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