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Kansas City takes on Comic-Con

Katherine Reyes

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All the way from nerdy super heroes to nerdy games, everyone who has ever fanboy-ed or fangirl-ed would know the news by now. April 28th – 30th 2017, Comic Con came to Kansas City at KC Convention Center also known as Bartle Hall.


“I go to look at costumes, meet new people, and hang out. I always look forward to seeing awesome costumes and seeing new people,” said Kaitlyn McCanless.


It’s not just younger high schoolers who just go to these conventions. People of all ages go and take pictures and get signatures.  Nicole Drew, an Oak Park alumni goes to Comic Con every year.


“There is something for everyone. My dad went with me in 2014 and he was 59 at the time. I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad and that got me into other Sci-Fi avenues,” said Drew.


Everyone knows their favorite characters from a comic book, anime, or TV show. But, with all the time and money spent on costumes or even just visiting, what is it worth?


“Several celebrities sign autographs and take photos. You get an opportunity to see some neat vendors who range from costumes designers to authors,” Drew informed me.


Halloween is a day where everyone can dress up and be who they want to be. For cosplayers, they put in time and effort into making their costumes for Comic Con too.


“They take major pride in their outfits and I always get pictures with them,” said McCanless.


Missed this months Comic-Con? Bartle Hall, November 10 and 12, there will be another one.


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