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Stay Bright

Catherine Janeczko

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Life, it’s a hard road to drive straight on. Life isn’t easy, it never will be for any of us. Life has a lot of ups and downs; you never know what might happen around the next turn. So why do we put up with all the ups and downs? Some people don’t want to deal with life and decide to end it, but does that really fix the problem? Is life really that terrible?

I’ve been asked by many of my friends why I smile so much; at the time I didn’t know the answer but I think I do now. So many people in the world think that life isn’t worth living and that there is no hope for them. I know those people are wrong because the world isn’t hopeless, that person isn’t hopeless, and life is not hopeless. There is always another road to go down, it might be a bright road or a dark road but no matter how dark or hard life gets you have the ability to make life better for yourself and for others. My way of making life better for myself and for others is to smile and brighten the day. Smiling shows that there is a bright road, a better way, that there is hope and always will be. A smile can save a life, so stay smiling no matter what happens and live life on a bright road, save others from the darkness that tries to take us down. Keep others up and everyone will realize that life is amazing.

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