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Lilian Sample

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  1. How were your high school years?
  2. Any advice to underclassmen?
  3. Most memorable moment?
  4. Favorite part about Oak Park?

Forrest Rhea:

“They were great.”

“Stay smart, and hit the weight room!”

“Football games would have to be my most favorable moment.”

“All my friends, and all the memories I’ve made.”

Marckson Francis:

“I feel like they’re has been some up and down moments. It’s prepared me for who I am today, so I am content.”

“Senior year is not going to be as easy as they say it is. There’s some obstacles you have to face. Hope for the best and shoot for the sky.”

“Most memorable moment was my freshman because we did the lip dub and they played Talk Like by Kesha and I was in that video. Of course also signing was!”

“The community because the Alumni they always pay it forward and you can see that throughout the school.

Hunter Shelton:

“My high school years were really fun, best time of my life. Being able to compete with my friends was great.

“Appreciate your time here, high school is not something you get to do for the rest of your life. It’s fun and you get to be with your friends a lot.”

“It’s hard not to say it was winning my state title, I’ve wanted that since I was about five years old. Be able to put that into action was a really cool thing.”

“Just the people, I really like most of the people here. I’ve met some of my best friends here so it’s a really cool place.”

Katie Westburg:

“My high school years were really fun, I spent a lot of time as I could doing extra-curricular activities and going to as many games as I could.”

“Do as much as you can, get involved.”

“My senior night for basketball and soccer.”

“My favorite part about Oak Park is the students and teachers.”

Amy Grushka:

“They were really good, I had a lot of fun because I was really involved in sports.”

“Do your work and don’t slack because it is really important if you actually want to go to college.”

“Just all my sports memories and nationals with Alba and Brittany”

“All the great friends I’ve made!”

Brady VanVleck:

“They were really good, major loss in motivation this year, but I really enjoyed freshman and sophomore year.”

“Try to get involved in the school as much as possible. Spend time with most of the people here because once you graduate there’s a good chance you’ll never see them again.”

“Sophomore year we were playing against William Chrisman, and Tgjouk got in the game and he was in for about 30 seconds and he got three fouls and got taken out and then later getting put back in the fourth quarter and immediately getting two fouls and fouling as soon as he got in.”

“Favorite part was not just staying in one group of friends, but being able to have multiple friend groups.

Mahasin Tutu: “My high school years were really long, I feel like I’ve been here since the beginning of time. The time spent here was really good and memorable and I don’t think I’ll forget any part about high school because it was so enjoyable.”

“One big piece of advice, always bring a jacket. No joke keep one in your locker. Also if you see a freshman or even anyone just help them out because you’d want someone to help you if you were having a not so great time.”

“So this year I was in a bad place and then last week I had to snap out of it because time was ticking. This last week I got it together and everyone was so proud of me. So yeah that was my most favorable moment because I came back from wherever I was.”

“The facility, my absolute favorite is the teacher because they care so much about you.”

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