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Tips For Students To Get Through The Year

Jaycee Simpson, axe

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Now that the 2017 seniors are gone, the class of 2018 is having some serious Senioritis. Although it may seem easy to just give it up now, we have to continue to work hard and finish our high school careers strong! Here’s some tips for our senior year, Class of 2018!


  1. Work REALLY hard! Take homework seriously. If you’re looking to go to a university, you’re going to have to get really good study habits and good working habits. Best thing to do is to start that in high school. Do all the work you get with your best effort, and try to study for every test, even if the outcome seems impossible at the time.
  2. Take classes that will get you college credit. The more credit you have for college; the less money you have to pay. Why take a class in college and pay for it, when you can take it in high school for free? Take an AP class and work hard in it, then do good enough on the test to get college credit. We all know how broke we are, don’t make yourself more broke.
  3. SLEEP! Even though you like partying and staying up until 3 watching YouTube videos because you clicked on one, and then on the next, and then somehow got to a dog blowing out candles, sleep is the key to success. If you get a good night’s sleep, you’ll be more alert in class and actually learn something. Or you can have a dream of an invention and become a millionaire. Either one works.
  4. Have fun! No one wants to be the person that stays home on a Friday night, every Friday night. It’s okay to let loose and go have fun with your friends. Sometimes the school events can be fun, like Platinum Beard, or talent shows. End your high school career with a bang, you won’t regret it.
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