Power Rangers Movie Review

Maddie Caton, axe

In the new Power Ranger’s movie, a group of teenage friends live in the small town of Angel Grove where everything seems peaceful but this changes when aliens from outer space attack their planet and the friends must save it from destruction. In this film the group of friends comes upon a space ship in where they are transformed and gain super-human abilities. The alien threat is dangerous and real and these teens are the only ones who can save the world and in order to do so they need to overcome their fears and work together as the Power Rangers.

This movie was poorly put together even for a children’s film as it was overly cheesy and had little to no plot line. Personally, I had a very hard time connecting to any of the characters because they had no personality and were merely reciting their scripts. The humor in it seemed forced and the action scenes were mediocre. This film’s target audience is definitely younger boys, however the power rangers seem outdated and more nostalgic for an older teenage audience who grew up watching the T.V. show. It’s also being claimed that one of the actors was arrested for murder so that’s another reason not to pay to see this move. I give it a 1/5 for overall poor film making in general.